Our History


The National Epilepsy Center (CNE) was founded in 1989. It has achieved its objectives by becoming the home of those who need it most, a warm and fraternal refuge for patients with epilepsy and their families.

Its achievements have touched the hearts of the people and thus we have advanced evenly in a harmonious rhythm of yearnings and satisfactions. We know that the goal is in sight, but we cannot lose ourselves in the mirage of what we have achieved and we will continue stubbornly faithful to the original principle of arriving and beginning again, because the road does not stop with our walk, but advances rapidly while life and hope are renewed.

There are many demands and new challenges, but faith and purpose go hand in hand and new horizons appear on the path that fill the soul with a fresh breeze and inspiration.

Excellence at your service:

The National Epilepsy Center constitutes the national and international reference link both for the care of its patients and for the establishment of research, prevention and knowledge dissemination projects.

For the diagnosis and treatment of patients with epilepsy we have the most advanced research equipment either through our own facilities or in cooperation with national or international partners.

The National Epilepsy Center is constantly carrying out research and publishing journals, articles and books, with the participation of professionals from universities and national and international institutions; this allows us to keep up to date with scientific advances worldwide.

The professionals working at the National Epilepsy Center have specialized in the most prestigious universities in Europe and the United States.

International Representation

Since 1991, the National Epilepsy Center in conjunction with the Association of Parents of Children with Epilepsy has constituted the Ecuador Chapter of the International Bureau for Epilepsy, the world's leading entity in the educational, social and labor context of patients with epilepsy.

In 1997, the National Epilepsy Center was recognized as the Ecuadorian Delegation of the International Psychomotor Organization based in Paris, a multinational institution that proposes preventive and therapeutic alternatives for the psychophysical harmony of the individual.

The CNE was included in 2005 as part of the International Unit of Continuing Education in Developmental Neurology and Psychomotricity, which trains professionals who will receive through the Institut Supérieur de Rééducation Psychomotrice et de Relaxation - Université d'Été - the International Certificate in Sciences and Techniques of the Body.

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