The IBE/ILAE congress awards are presented biennially at the time of the International Epilepsy Congress, to honour individuals who have made significant contributions, over a long period of time and at international level, in the field of epilepsy.

Galo Pesantez Cuesta, Ecuador


Dr Pesantez Cuesta is Director, National Center for Epilepsy, Ecuador. He is vice chair IBE Latin American Regional Committee. He was coordinator of the international project ‘Neuropsychomotricity, an aid in the treatment of children with epilepsy’, and current coordinator of ‘Cannabidiol in the treatment of refractory epilepsies’ project of the National Epilepsy Center, Ecuador Ministry of Health, and University of Madrid, Spain.


Etiquetas: Ministerio de Salud Publica Ecuador, centro nacional de epilepsia, quito, ecuador, Dr Galo Pesantez Cuesta

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